Embedded Networks Delivering for Customers

Executive Director and Adjunct Professor Jim Snow presented a paper at the Off Grid and Stand Alone Power Conference in Sydney on 28th March 2018 – this paper looked forensically at the concept of microgrids and embedded networks within grids as it was based on a very detailed study of an embedded network at RV Homebase in Maryborough Queensland. The paper looks at grid connection issues, effects of network and retail pricing on embedded network investment options related to self-generation, storage and internal demand management as well as the regulatory issues. It shows that there are huge opportunities for customers and networks, that customers can be far better off in terms of cheaper and more stable energy costs and networks and retailers could offer far more substantive services. And if this can be optimised, the use of renewables in these embedded networks/microgrids would increase as the barriers to take up are very artificial and easily removed – a good message for all.

Read the presentation here.

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