A Tale of Two Tariffs

Director, Lance Hoch, presented a paper titled “A Tale of Two Tariffs – Engaging the Customer: Victoria’s Flexible Pricing Initiative and SP AusNet’s Critical Peak Demand Tariff”.


Energy Policy Paper

Jim presented on his Energy Policy Paper (6/2014) The Economic Impact of High Energy Prices. Read more.


Possible Future Trends in Residential Electricity Prices

Paper on Possible Future Trends in Residential Electricity Prices 2013 – 14 through 2015 – 16: Network Cost Drivers released. Read more here.


Review of ElecraNet’s Revised Demand Forecasts

Oakley Greenwood were engaged by Electranet to provide and independent review of and advice regarding the reasonableness of the approach taken by ElectraNet in conjunction with SA Power Networks in determining the revised set of connection point demand forecasts that serve as the basis for ElectraNet’s revised Revenue Proposal which is to be submitted in January 2013.


Policy Options for Maximising Downward Pressure on Electricity Prices Report

Oakley Greenwood has prepared this independent thought piece as an input to both the public debate and the supporting organisations’ consideration of policy options.


Presentation at ENA Smart Networks Summit (Sydney)

Executive Director, Lance Hoch presented the attached paper on “Linkages between pricing and demand management” at this conference in Sydney on 17- 18 May 2011. Read more here.


Victorian Smart Meter Cost Benefit Analysis Reports

The Victorian Department of Primary Industries, on 3rd September, released two Oakley Greenwood Reports relating to the costs and benefits for electricity smart metering upgrades in Victoria. Read more here.


Jim Snow Presents at AIE Sydney Conference 2009 and 2010 Papers

Jim Snow presented a landmark paper in 2009 (featured the death spiral effect for electricity consumption) and followed this up in 2010 taking a look at the NSW’s Electricity Future 2020 (and beyond): What will it look like and how do we get there?


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