Oakley Greenwood assists the NT Department of Treasury and Finance in development of a power system Reliability Standard

Read the consultation paper assisting the NT Department of Treasury and Finance in the development of a power system Reliability Standard. Click here to read more.


What was different a decade ago for the energy markets in Australia?

10 years on for Oakley Greenwood, Director and Adjunct Professor, Jim Snow reflects on what was different a decade ago for the energy markets in Australia.


AEC report shows consumer benefits from a reference price

Australian Energy Daily published the below article outlining that the retailer lobby group the Australian Energy Council has commissioned a report showing that most consumers would benefit more from a reference price than a default market offer. Read more here.


Greg Thorpe appointed to convene the CIGRE Australian Panel on Markets and Regulation

Executive Director, Greg Thorpe has been appointed to convene the Australian Panel for CIGRE C5 – Market and Regulation. Greg recently attended the CIGRE Paris session* where he was a Special Reporter for Study Committee C5.


Gas Impacts From Finkel Review and Policy Changes

It is interesting to consider the impacts and opportunities on the gas industry from the Finkel Review recommendations. Check out what our Gas team has to say.


CIGRE working group report into international capacity mechanism

Greg Thorpe and Alex Cruickshank from Oakley Greenwood were part of the working group for capacity mechanisms: needs, solutions and state of affairs.


The Impact of Late Rebidding on the Provision of Demand Response by Large Electricity Users in the NEM

Where rebidding reduces the financial returns from Demand Response or makes it difficult for large end users to respond in a way that allows them to use their DR as they had planned, it may discourage both current and potential providers of Demand Response.


Network Pricing Under a Revenue Cap

Oakley Greenwood presented a paper “Network Pricing Under a Revenue Cap” at the Quest Events Power Pricing Conference in Sydney. Read more here.


Verve Energy Review

Oakley Greenwood with Deloitte have recently delivered a Final Report to the Oates Review undertaken for the Hon, Peter Collier, Minister for Energy, Western Australia titled “Verve Energy Review”.


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