The area of industry regulation and governance in the utilities sectors is a constant evolving feast domestically and internationally and is being heavily impacted by disruptive technologies, policy changes and business strategies.

This makes it both exciting and yet also highly risky and to some extent overwhelming with the fast pace and levels of changes occurring and expected of the industries involved.

Our expert team can provide very clear advice as we track these issues closely and are at the leading edge of developments, and we can provide sorely needed support and strategic advice from real experts who spend the time to think through these developments and challenges and how best to adapt and respond.

Our brand in this area has true substance – and this has come from providing resolutely independent advice, value adding and risk minimising strategy, and pragmatic recommendations ready to implement to all parts of the industry – we are as respected by the regulators as much as those that are regulated and we are seen as honest advisors with deep expertise and knowledge that is current and addresses the key changes and challenges occurring.


  • Regulators
  • Market Operations and Rules
  • Policy Groups
  • International

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