Value of a Grid Connection to Distributed Generation Customers

Developed for Energy Networks Association by Senior Principal Consultant, Rohan Harris and Executive Director, Lance Hoch. This report describes the set of grid services delivered by typical electricity distribution networks, and provides an initial empirical estimate of the value that: the grid provides to users of rooftop solar PV systems, and a rooftop solar PV system provides to the grid. Delve deeper into the report below but some key points are:

  • The deployment of rooftop PV systems has increased dramatically in the last decade, and is forecast to continue.
  • The vast majority of the households that have installed rooftop PV systems have stayed connected to the grid and have derived significant benefits from that connection.
  • Customers with rooftop PV systems receive essentially the same service from the electricity network – but pay considerably less than other customers.
  • Rooftop PV systems have impacts on the grid.

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