Alex Cruickshank (Principal Consultant)

Alex has around 30 years of experience in energy markets within a range of organisations, including a vertically integrated utility, a generator/retailer, a rule making body and government.  Alex commenced consulting in energy markets and regulation in 2016.

During his time at ETSA, Alex was involved in the initial design of the National Electricity Market; including market design, process optimisation, network development approaches and access rules.  He continued in the developmental role with the rules body (the National Electricity Code Administrator) overseeing rule changes.

Alex then worked for the Treasury Department in South Australia, providing technical advice as part of the Microeconomic Reform Unit and, in particular, managing a review into the operation of the National Electricity Market in South Australia during a period of system stress.

Most recently, Alex worked with AGL and was involved in the market development from a private sector perspective.  He was involved in the expansion of AGL initially into generation but later into new technologies, holding senior roles in the Corporate Affairs division, including Head of Energy Regulation.  In these roles, Alex was involved in developments in wholesale and retail markets and was often involved in working groups and task team examining specific rule changes.

Alex is Chairman of the international study committee on markets and regulation for CIGRE, the International Council for Large Electrical Systems and previously led the Australian mirror panel, now convened by Greg Thorpe.  Alex is also a member of the International Technical Council of CIGRE, which oversees the knowledge programme of CIGRE, and the Editorial Board of the Journal Electra.

Read Alex’s detailed CV here.

2016 – present - Oakley Greenwood Pty Ltd – Principal Consultant

2015 – 2016 - Alex Cruickshank Consulting - Principal

2001 – 2015 - AGL – various roles, including Manager NEM development, Manager Wholesale Markets Regulation, Head of Energy Regulation

2001- 2001 - SA Treasury (Micro-economic reform unit)

1998 – 2000 - National Electricity Code Administrator – Principal Consultant Code Development

1997 – 1998 - Optima Energy – Senior Analyst Market Liaison

1989 – 1997 - ETSA – various roles, including Principal Training Officer, Manager Strategic Planning, Manager Organisational Development, Executive Officer National Electricity Market Project.

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