Water & Waste Water

Our team have been able to focus on the major changes occurring in the water sector – with more regulation, formation of independent business units with the move to dissociate in many places from Municipal controls (even if ownership remains) and the onset of competition from independent developers and operators of embedded systems. The industry requires a whole new level of capability, analysis and strategic thinking as these changes take place and our team are well placed to meet this demand.

We have been undertaking assignments relevant to:

  • Pricing of water waste water services to customers, and for disaggregated water services (networks, bulk water, etc.)
  • Unbundling issues and transfer Pricing as well as regulatory constraints and developments and the impact of limited levels of competition
  • Reviews and advice on the regulatory treatment and submissions on operational and capital costs for regulated transmission and distribution assets
  • Assistance with the development, implementation and response to policy changes and regulatory developments and rule changes
  • Community and stakeholder consultations
  • Due diligence and related modelling for water and waste water assets and business -several have been undertaken
  • Restructuring of workforce to meet the regulatory and competitive challenges and meet stakeholder expectations
  • Extensive support with business strategy as changes occur
  • Support on analysing supply and treatment options subject to external scrutiny and review


  • Supply and Treatment
  • Transmission and Distribution
  • Policy Groups
  • Banks and Investors

View published water and waste water related papers and news here.

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