The gas team at Oakley Greenwood have a deep level of expertise in the gas sector. The team has undertaken many studies and projects for Government, Miners, Investors, Developers and Internationally related to natural gas, manufactured gas, CNG and LNG.

Our gas team have all been in the gas industry in their careers in key roles and are recognised experts in such matters as:

  • The use of gas for the generation remotely and on-grid. This includes pipeline gas, CNG and LNG
  • Sourcing and negotiating the contractual procurement and delivery of gas to major projects (like power stations)
  • Assisting Retailers to develop their gas offerings to customers
  • Regulation and development of gas transmission and distribution assets, including detailed analysis of pricing and submissions to regulators and rule makers
  • Integration of gas with renewables in the generation sector and other markets
  • Gas trading and design of gas trading markets and instruments – in pipe, bare transfers, STTM and Gas Hubs
  • Understating and modelling the commercial value of coal seam gas for such issues as lease auctions, royalty calculations and the commercialisation of gas
  • Due diligence for banks and investors on gas related assets
  • Floating and fixed facilities for importing and regassification of LNG


  • Gas Producers
  • Transmission and Gas Distribution
  • Remote Power Supply
  • Retailers
  • Policies & Royalties
  • Banks and Investors
  • International

View published gas related papers and news here.

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