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Our team of industry experts provide high quality, action orientated, well researched advice to the energy and water industries using a combination of skills and experience not easily available to clients within their business.



Oakley Greenwood consultants have, over eight years, published reports across all energy and water industries. Read the latest from our consultants in the field.



Oakley Greenwood specialises in providing services to the gas industry, electricity sector, water & waste water services, regulators and governance bodies, and consumers.



Our team specialise in market design and regulation, economic regulation, energy supply and delivery, market disruption, and expert strategy & analysis.


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Specialists in providing high quality advice to participants in the energy and water industries.

Gas & Hydrogen

Oakley Greenwood has an expert gas team that cover the entire supply chain from production through to sales to customers.

This also includes expertise in remote and on-grid power generation with gas, CNG, LNG and development of the gas assets and contracts.

OGW also provide modelling of the various commercial value of coal seam gas, gas pricing and undertake due diligence on gas projects and acquisitions.

Our Gas & Hydrogen Experts


One of our core strengths is consulting on all matters to the electricity supply sector domestically and internationally.

This is from end to end – generation to final sales and end use.

Our team have extensive expertise across the sector with most having held senior roles in the industry and/or with market operators and regulators – it is a truly expert group you need to meet

Our Electricity Experts

Water & Waste Water

The water supply and waste water treatment industry has been a focus for Oakley greenwood for some 10 years providing experts services in regulation, pricing and strategic development.

We have a good mix of expertise technically and in regulation and business strategy related to projects in this sector and can offer more than the “engineering plus” level of advice with more extensive expertise relevant to a rapidly developing regulated environment, obtusely under pressure to open up to competition.

Call us to see what we offer.

Our Water & Waste Water Experts

Regulators & Government Bodies

We are known internationally for our expertise in economic regulation, market rules and industry governance and have consulted extensively on these matters.

We have developed over a decade the staff and capabilities to be able to provide an expert service on energy and water industry regulation, market rules and operations and on industry policy related to regulation and governance.

This team is at the leading edge on change and disruption to these industries and the impacts being wrought from these changes through policy, regulatory and governance reforms – and can discuss your specific issues at any time.

Our Regulators & Government Bodies Experts


The often-forgotten participant in the utilities businesses as more technical and regulatory issues rage and deliver good and poor outcomes – but OGW sees that it is paramount to ensure that we have a separate expert service capability to assist consumer and those dealing with consumers to assist them to achieve least cost solutions, to choose the right strategic options and to advocate as both a key participant but also as a key driver of change and adopter of disruptive technologies and supply options.

We work for many consumers – on grid, embedded grids, micro grids and completely off-grid and remote users and communities.

We understand the value of having a high level of customer voice and activity and work regularly supporting this outcome and are happy to discuss your issues anytime.

Our Consumers Experts

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