Our expert team has been drawn from largely industry experts who have had senior careers in nearly all aspect of the electricity supply industry in Australia and Internationally (South East Asia, Middle East and USA). What sets us apart is we have staff who have been leaders in their fields in this sector and can provide a very deep level of expert knowledge and experience for customers and have done so as prominent consultants for decades after their industry experience.

This group can provide expertise in:

  • Market design and operations – Australia, South East Asia and the Middle East – we have and are designing all sizes of electricity markets
  • Electricity price and volume forecasting – models and analysis – our work has been used extensively to analyse policy issues and rule changes, disruptive technologies, for due diligence on electricity assets and for market entry
  • Market rules, regulations and law, and economic regulatory support
  • Generation development and commercial returns, and the use and integration of renewable technologies
  • Embedded networks and micro gird specialist with extensive modelling capability and deep learning from some major projects in this space
  • Energy storage including pumped hydro, batteries and thermal storage technologies
  • Remote power supply for mines and communities on all types of fuels and integrated renewables
  • Electricity retailing activities and strategies


  • Market Operators
  • Generation and Renewables
  • Transmission and Distribution
  • Energy Storage
  • Embedded Grids and Micro Grids
  • Remote Power Supply
  • Retailers
  • Banks and Investors
  • International

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