The energy and water sectors are experiencing major disruption and OGW has an expert team that deals with the technologies such as energy storage, renewables integration, forecasting of take up and market impacts as well as experts in demand management, energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reduction.

Energy Technologies

Technology changes rapidly in the energy sector – not only existing technology updates but new and often disruptive technology developments. OGW tracks these very closely including an understanding of their costs and benefits, and uptake.

Energy Efficiency & Greenhouse Reduction

Major energy users can benefit considerably from the more efficient use of energy in their endeavours and OGW has the expertise to assist, as well as a strong focus on reducing and reporting greenhouse emissions and strategies for their mitigation. This also applies to the commercial and residential sectors at program levels.

Renewable integration

The integration of renewables in the energy market is a major disruption and OGW can model the uptake and impacts, as well as advise on how best to integrate renewables technologies strategically and economically.

Demand Management

OGW has extensive experience in demand management in the electricity, gas and water industries dating back to the 1990’s in Australia and internationally. We have designed and implemented numerous programs and bidding rounds, and continue to provide this advice as market develop.

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