Oakley Greenwood has developed extensive skills to look at the options for mines, remote energy users and townships for the supply of energy at minimal cost.

We can also assist in delivery of these options. OGW also has expertise in the commercial use of coal seam gas and examining the commercial value of that gas.

Our team also advise Retailers extensively and are experts in gas contracting – for gas and transmission, and PPA negotiations.

Generation Modelling

OGW has a suite of modelling for remote, edge of grid, embedded network and grid connected generation options, for a range of fuels, technologies, renewable penetration and market revenue scenarios. This is used extensively by mining companies and generation developers.

Energy Retailing

The retail function is one that manages risks on behalf of customers and seeks to provide other value adding services to them in a fully competitive environment. However, this sector faces major disruption from new entrants and regulatory challenges from Government and OGW is expert in these matters.

Project Implementation

OGW has a very experienced team that assists with the detailed commercial analysis and strategic development of energy projects, and tendering for their ultimate implementation. OGW can also assist with project marketing.

Gas Commercial Valuation

Gas in ground and as produced is only valuable of it has a realistic commercial end use and OGW has models that analyse the netback value of gas based on a range of commercial uses, and this is also used to understand gas sales offers and contracts.

Energy delivery options

OGW has developed specific modelling capabilities to examine the options for delivering energy to mines and remote operations, and for repowering existing sites. This modelling is extensively used and updated for a range of technologies, fuels and supply options.

Power and Gas Contracting

This is a specialist task requiring extensive and relevant experience and knowledge, as gas supply agreements (GSA) and gas transport agreements (GTA) are bilaterally negotiated in many markets where large volumes are involved (as for power stations for example).

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