Oakley Greenwood have a long history of designing energy markets and advising on their regulation and governance.

This extends to water markets and the trading of energy and water, and related policies.

OGW also offer trained mediators and have been involved in a number of disputes in Australia and South East Asia.

Energy & Water Market Design

Detailed investigation, consultation, design and rule-making to develop efficient and robust energy markets across national and international jurisdictions, and comprehensive analysis of market issues and rule changes.

Energy Price Forecasting & Analysis

OGW has sophisticated modelling for energy only (NEM) capacity based (WA) markets used in Australia and South East Asia. These provide price forecasts based on development of fuel prices and demand forecasts that include the uptake of disruptive technologies. Consumer energy and water bill disaggregation into industry components is also a speciality.

Industry Governance and Restructuring

Energy and water markets require strong, equitable and economically effective governance structures to ensure they are robust and providing customers benefits. Restructuring of these industries also continues to evolve as major disruptions occur, and OGW has the expertise to undertake these tasks in any country or state.

Electricity & Gas Trading

The trading of electricity on regulated markets has also been undergoing major new challenges as market rules change, new competitive technologies and suppliers enter the market and retailers develop complex new products that allow customers more flexibility.

Dispute Resolution

OGW has expertise related to the formal hearing of major contractual and market based disputes including mediation, conciliation and arbitration as well as tribunal determinations.

Energy Policy Design

Energy policy is being developed continuously in response to major technological disruption, competition management and various policy pressures such as supply and demand, and prices. Policy at all levels of Government needs to be responsive, equitable, effective and efficient and OGW can assist with these matters.

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