NEM Pricing Report


Retailer reliability obligation

retailer reliability obligation

In this note, Dr. Cau Thai shares some of his general observations about the independent audit of the bespoke firmness methodologies for non-standard qualifying contracts within the retailer reliability obligation mechanism.



Smart grid renewable energy system

The label ‘back to the future’ has become more common as a description of the latest developments in the electricity sector. In the recent past it has been decided the current arrangements for investment in the NEM are not fit for purpose. Ministers have effectively killed off the option of a market wide capacity mechanism and are progressively taking control of design of its replacement. Processes…


Alternatives to the Pioneer-Burdekin pumped storage hydro development in Queensland

pumped hydro

The use of renewable methane gases in gas power station technology looks to be an attractive alternative to large scale pumped hydro facilities, and the amount of gas required is relatively small. This would avoid the need for large dam developments and make use of agricultural capabilities, repurposing of gas infrastructure and provide long-term, skilled jobs for the power industry and regional workers….


ENERGY SOURCE: Carbon neutral methanes role in reaching net zero

carbon neutral methane

Oakley greenwood new modelling indicates that carbon neutral methane gases (biomethane and renewable methane) show major economic potential for integration in the transition to net zero. Read more here.


Congratulations Rohan and Angus on Directorship

It is with great satisfaction that the Executive Directors of Oakley Greenwood welcome two of our leading staff, Rohan Harris and Angus Rich, as additional Executive Directors.


Local Use of System Tariffs Reconsidered

grid-side battery

The Total Environment Centre (TEC) commissioned OGW to re-consider the applicability of a local use of system (LUoS) tariff for grid-side batteries operating in the low-voltage distribution network. We found that a much simpler and more economically efficient price signal would be provided by a cost-reflective tariff with two-way pricing that includes both charges and credits.


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