Australian Institute of Energy SA Community Batteries

Smart grid renewable energy system

Lance Hoch, Executive Director, presented to the Australian Institute of Energy SA on 10 November 2021. See the presentation and recording here.


Renewable Gas Economics Research Paper

This is the first release of three OGW Research Analysis papers planned. This paper is focused on the economics and roles of renewable gases in transitioning to a net zero emission energy sector in Australia. Read more here.


APA Western Outer Ring Main Gas Pipeline Project Inquiry

Jim Snow is to give expert witness evidence on the afternoon of Monday 4 October 2021 to the APA Western Outer Ring Main Gas Pipeline Project Inquiry related to the transition to a Net Zero emissions energy market. Read more here.


Renewable Methane Manufacture

Jim Snow writes a 2 page article regarding the overwhelming case for Renewable Methane Manufacture


Australian Energy Week Conference May 2021

Lance Hoch, Executive Director and Alex Cruickshank, Principal Consultant at Oakley Greenwood recently presented on Demand Response in Melbourne for the Australian Energy Week Conference. View the presentation here.


Reformulating energy portfolio strategies for the transition towards the low carbon emission futures

Dr. Cau Thai, Principal Consultant of Oakley Greenwood shares his thoughts on why an energy market participant no matter how small or large needs to critically review and to reformulate their strategies to respond to changes in the energy industry as it transitions towards a decarbonised future. He also lists some initial questions to facilitate that strategy reformulation.


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