The Impact of Late Rebidding on the Provision of Demand Response by Large Electricity Users in the NEM

Where rebidding reduces the financial returns from Demand Response or makes it difficult for large end users to respond in a way that allows them to use their DR as they had planned, it may discourage both current and potential providers of Demand Response.


Value of a Grid Connection to Distributed Generation Customers

This report describes the set of grid services delivered by typical electricity distribution networks, and provides an initial empirical estimate of the value that the grid provides to users of rooftop solar PV systems, and a rooftop solar PV system provides to the grid.


Paper on Gas Price and Demand

Executive Director, Jim Snow presents at the National Energy Efficiency Conference in Sydney run by the Energy Efficiency Council


Perception of coal in the community

Executive Director, Jim Snow, presented some views on the perception of coal in the community and how this could potentially be addressed


Dynamic Analysis Techniques for Energy Delivery to Mines, Remote Communities and Gas in Vehicles

Oakley Greenwood presented a workshop at the Mining The Territory Conference in Darwin (SEAOC August 2014). Read more here.


A Tale of Two Tariffs

Director, Lance Hoch, presented a paper titled “A Tale of Two Tariffs – Engaging the Customer: Victoria’s Flexible Pricing Initiative and SP AusNet’s Critical Peak Demand Tariff”.


Energy Policy Paper

Jim presented on his Energy Policy Paper (6/2014) The Economic Impact of High Energy Prices. Read more.


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