Dynamic Analysis Techniques for Energy Delivery to Mines, Remote Communities and Gas in Vehicles

Oakley Greenwood presented a workshop at the Mining The Territory Conference in Darwin (SEAOC August 2014). This workshop covered the detailed financial and market analysis of the use of gas in these applications, and resultant business cases, based on a number of case studies of real projects and our bespoke modelling in this area. Participants undertook a review of a NT mine site in the workshop to demonstrate the techniques used and how these effect the business case for gas use. The Workshop was prepared and delivered by our experts in this sector Jeff Thong and Angus Rich. The workshop overview document can be see here.

As featured at http://s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/wh1.thewebconsole.com/wh/1399/images/OGW-Mining-the-Territory—SEAOC-Aug-14-AR-rev-G.pdf

Or download the PDF here.

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