What was different a decade ago for the energy markets in Australia?

10 years on for Oakley Greenwood, Director and Adjunct Professor, Jim Snow reflects on what was different a decade ago for the energy markets in Australia.


AEC report shows consumer benefits from a reference price

Australian Energy Daily published the below article outlining that the retailer lobby group the Australian Energy Council has commissioned a report showing that most consumers would benefit more from a reference price than a default market offer. Read more here.


Monash Microgrid Electricity Market Operator launches

Principal Consultant Alex Cruickshank, attended the launch of the Monash Microgrid Electricity Market Operator, which is supported by a grant from the Victorian Government. This project is to develop and implement a model for price-based management of a microgrid.


Greg Thorpe appointed to convene the CIGRE Australian Panel on Markets and Regulation

Executive Director, Greg Thorpe has been appointed to convene the Australian Panel for CIGRE C5 – Market and Regulation. Greg recently attended the CIGRE Paris session* where he was a Special Reporter for Study Committee C5.


ABC Business segment on gas prices

Jim Snow on ABC Business segment discussing the current issues for gas pricing in the manufacturing sectors.


Webinar – LNG market and the import terminals

Webinar – LNG market and the import terminals with Wood Mac, Thomson Reuters and Oakley Greenwood. Register now.


AEMO Gas Bulletin Board Consultation Paper

AEMO is performing a scoping study to explore additional enhancements to the Natural Gas Services Bulletin Board (Bulletin Board). Read more info here.


ESCOSA report released: SA Power Networks 2020 Reliability Standards Review

A new Oakley Greenwood report has found that the majority of customers in South Australia are not interested in paying more for higher levels of electricity supply reliability. The report quantified Australian customers’ willingness to pay for additional reliability in their electricity supply, and their willingness to subsidise improvements in areas that receive materially lower levels of supply…


Battery of the Nation: Analysis of the future National Electricity Market

pumped hydro

Hydro Tasmania has recently released the report “Battery of the Nation: Analysis of the future National Electricity Market, April 2018” to which Oakley Greenwood contributed. Read the report inside.


EnerCon 2018 Manila, Philippines

Greg Thorpe is speaking at EnerCon 2018 being held in Manila, this week. Read more here.


CIGRE Session in Paris, August 2018

Executive Director, Greg Thorpe, and Principal Consultant, Alex Cruickshank will be attending the CIGRE 2018 Session in Paris in the last week of August. The CIGRE Session is held every two years and attended by over 4,000 delegates from all continents across six days. The Session covers a wide range of technical and market aspects of electricity. Over 80 delegates typically attend from the energy…


Angus Rich networking at the Energy and Mines Conference, Perth

Oakley Greenwood’s, Principal Consultant, Angus Rich will be attending the Energy and Mines Conference in Perth on Wednesday 27 June and Thursday 28 June.


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