Renewable Gas Economics Research Paper

Jim Snow, Executive Director and Adjunct Professor, UQ:

I am pleased to release today the first of three OGW Research Analysis papers we have planned, focused on the economics and roles of renewable gases in transitioning to a net zero emission energy sector in Australia. This first paper addresses the Economics of Renewable Gases with my colleague Rohan Harris and has been based on extensive analysis we have undertaken over the last 12 to 18 months. It refers to some excellent analysis undertaken by others in the field. The analysis is showing that preconceived ideas related to renewable gas economics and use need to be tested and more fully explored and analysed as the technology developments and opportunities they can bring are very exciting in terms of moving toward net zero outcomes. It is our intention to update these reports as valuable new information becomes available and as new insights are developed in this field.  The additional papers will relate to the role for gas in renewable energy storage, and in achieving a net zero emission energy sector where the coupling of renewable gas and renewable electricity technologies can provide solutions for consumers.

Read the full Renewable Gas Economics paper here.

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