Congratulations Rohan and Angus on Directorship

It is with great satisfaction that the Executive Directors of Oakley Greenwood welcome two of our leading staff, Rohan Harris and Angus Rich, as additional Executive Directors. They will become key shareholders and join Lance Hoch, Gregory Thorpe, and Jim Snow as Executive Directors.

rohan harris

Rohan Harris

Angus Rich

Angus Rich

Both Rohan and Angus have been long time employees of the business and have made significant contributions to our success in the market. They provide outstanding intellectual leadership in their professional areas of practice and in project assignments for our valued clients. Their work over the last few years has seen OGW able to provide leading-edge analysis for energy users, policy makers and industry participants as we all grapple with the transition to net zero in our energy markets.

Rohan and Angus have been able to clearly demonstrate very independent thinking in this space, and it is indeed a pleasure to have them sit with us now on the Board as peers in the business.

The addition of Rohan and Angus to the Board and ownership structure is part of a planned succession in the business over the next few years. Jim, Greg and Lance will remain active in the business and its refresh as we continue to support clients through the rapid and fundamental changes taking place in the energy market.

Oakley Greenwood was launched in November 2008, at the height of the global financial crisis and so now, as we are in our 14th year of practice, it is also pleasing to see that Oakley Greenwood has a continuing and vital future with the addition of Rohan and Angus in leadership positions.

Please join us in congratulating this career milestone for Angus and Rohan.

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