International Gas Union Taskforce – Robin Coombe

Oakley Greenwood has been consulting in the Energy Industry for over ten years.  As part of this effort, Principal Consultant Robin Coombe at Oakley Greenwood Pty Ltd, has become a member of the International Gas Union Task Force 2 – Energy for All.

Natural gas is an important source of energy and fuel that is essential for industry, communities and households.  As the cleanest fossil fuel it is also a natural partner for development of renewables.

During February, Robin presented Australian case studies (via skype) to an IGU Taskforce 2 meeting in Bonn Germany.  He showed two examples in Australia how the natural gas industry is evolving to provide energy supply in isolated regions to support industry and generate local and indigenous employment opportunities.

Robin is available to help companies assess and develop gas and LNG related opportunities.

Review the case studies below

Australian TF2 Case Study Tanami Gas Pipeline

Australian TF2 Case Study Trucked LNG

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