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Alex Cruickshank Appointed to head CIGRE Study Committee C5 2018

CIGRE have announced that Alex Cruickshank has been appointed to head up Study Committee C5 from 2018.  The study committee examines market and regulation issues in the electricity industries.  Recent publications from the committee include:

  • Capacity Markets: needs, status and state of affairs
  • Regulatory aspects of demand response
  • Market risk management
  • Management of defaults in electricity markets – Alex was lead author for this paper
  • Market Power mitigation
  • Drivers for major changes in electricity markets (in Press) – Greg Thorpe, from OGW is the primary author

Current topics being addressed include:

  • Managing systemic market risk
  • Procurement mechanisms for demand response services.

Alex will also join the CIGRE Technical Council, which oversees the work of CIGRE.

Information on CIGRE

Founded in 1921, CIGRE, the Council on Large Electric Systems, is an international non-profit Association for promoting collaboration with experts from all around the world by sharing knowledge and joining forces to improve electric power systems of today and tomorrow. CIGRE includes more than 3,500 experts from all around the world working actively together in structured work programmes coordinated by the sixteen CIGRE Study Committees, overseen by the Technical Council.  CIGRE’s main objectives are to design and deploy the Power System for the future, optimize existing equipment and power systems, respect the environment and facilitate access to information.  More information is available at or

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