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Battery of the Nation: Analysis of the future National Electricity Market

Hydro Tasmania has recently released the report “Battery of the Nation: Analysis of the future National Electricity Market, April 2018” to which Oakley Greenwood contributed. Read the report inside.

23 July 2018 More

Demystifying some aspects of pipeline investment in Australia

Rod authored a chapter on changes to the structure and commercial aspects of the gas transmission industry in the 2017 Gas Price Trends Review. Read more here.

19 June 2018 More

Pipeline Capacity Trading: Allocation Arrangements Discussion Paper

A discussion paper prepared by Rod Johannessen has been released by the COAG Energy Council on the gas transmission sector. Read more here.

18 June 2018 More

Gas Price Trends Review 2017

Oakley Greenwood is pleased to announce the public release of the Gas Price Trends Review 2017 which documents Australia’s national and jurisdictional wholesale and retail gas price history from 2006 to 2017.

29 January 2018 More

Gas Impacts From Finkel Review and Policy Changes

It is interesting to consider the impacts and opportunities on the gas industry from the Finkel Review recommendations. Check out what our Gas team has to say.

23 October 2017 More

OGW “Independent report casts doubt over Thwaites”

OGW Report “Review of the Thwaites report and associated research” (Hoch and Harris) was prepared for the Australian Energy Council who claim that it “casts doubt over the analysis attached to the Thwaites Review of Retail Markets in Victoria”

26 September 2017 More

Tasmanian Energy Security Task Force Final Report

It is pleasing to have been able to assist the Taskforce in its work. Oakley Greenwood, was engaged to assist the Taskforce work through the challenges facing the Tasmanian gas market in the context of overall energy security.

21 August 2017 More

Assessment of edge of grid distributed generation alternative

The adoption and development of new energy technology, such as rooftop solar PV and battery storage systems, continue to fuel discussion about the future of the electricity grid. The ESAA Edge of the Grid report takes a closer look at the potential for new ways of delivering energy to those on the edge of grids.

4 August 2017 More

Cost drivers for wholesale sewerage services and cost impacts of recycled water plants

This report is focused on identifying the potential cost impacts, for both the upstream and downstream networks of the wholesale service provider (i.e., Sydney Water or Hunter Water) resulting from the operation of a recycled water plant.

13 June 2017 More

Understanding the Customer Drivers

Jim Snow, Executive Director and Adjunct Professor UQ was invited as a Guest Author on the WattClarity blog on areas of deeper analysis.

4 June 2017 More

Latest Paper on the Gas Crisis

The latest paper developed by by Rod Johannessen, Principal Consultant and Jim Snow, Executive Director reviews the contradiction of abundant east coast gas resources and an east coast gas supply crisis.

4 May 2017 More

Causes of Residential Electricity Bill Changes Victoria 1995 to 2017

The Victorian Electricity Distribution Businesses have submitted to the VIC government’s retail energy market review the Oakley Greenwood report: Causes of residential electricity bill changes Victoria, 1995 to 2017.

13 March 2017 More

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