Reformulating energy portfolio strategies for the transition towards the low carbon emission futures

Dr. Cau Thai, Principal Consultant of Oakley Greenwood shares his thoughts on why an energy market participant no matter how small or large needs to critically review and to reformulate their strategies to respond to changes in the energy industry as it transitions towards a decarbonised future. He also lists some initial questions to facilitate that strategy reformulation.

4 March 2021 More

Renewable Methane – The Next Step

The case for renewable methane (eGas) inAustralia is very compelling. Review the full presentation and webinar here.

17 November 2020 More

Renewable Methane Strategy and Roadmap for Australia

Jim Snow, Executive Director gave a paper at the Australian Hydrogen Forum 2020 outlining the compelling and priority case for a Renewable Methane Strategy and Roadmap for Australia, to complement the Hydrogen Strategy and Roadmap. Read more here.

16 September 2020 More

Big couple of months for OGW colleagues involved with CIGRE

OGW Chairman Lance Hoch’s paper on DER integration was accepted for the CIGRE 2020 Session in Paris, which is the largest gathering of utility people in Europe with around 3,500 delegates and a massive trade show. Lance’s paper covers the recent work by Oakley Greenwood on the economic integration of DER into the grid and markets, which was part funded by ARENA.

11 November 2019 More

Regional township energy farming

Why are we so easily seduced by big picture developments and programs in order to achieve “scale” and “financial close” adopting an almost banker-based approach, and yet not grab the newly exposed low hanging fruit.

7 November 2019 More

Emily Alford at Energy & Mines 2019. Panel podcast available

The Energy & Mines 2019 conference in Perth last week was a great event. Listen to the panel podcast with Emily Alford here.

1 July 2019 More

Oakley Greenwood assists the NT Department of Treasury and Finance in development of a power system Reliability Standard

Read the consultation paper assisting the NT Department of Treasury and Finance in the development of a power system Reliability Standard. Click here to read more.

6 February 2019 More

What was different a decade ago for the energy markets in Australia?

10 years on for Oakley Greenwood, Director and Adjunct Professor, Jim Snow reflects on what was different a decade ago for the energy markets in Australia.

20 December 2018 More

Monash Microgrid Electricity Market Operator launches

Principal Consultant Alex Cruickshank, attended the launch of the Monash Microgrid Electricity Market Operator, which is supported by a grant from the Victorian Government. This project is to develop and implement a model for price-based management of a microgrid.

5 November 2018 More

Greg Thorpe appointed to convene the CIGRE Australian Panel on Markets and Regulation

Executive Director, Greg Thorpe has been appointed to convene the Australian Panel for CIGRE C5 – Market and Regulation. Greg recently attended the CIGRE Paris session* where he was a Special Reporter for Study Committee C5.

29 October 2018 More

ABC Business segment on gas prices

Jim Snow on ABC Business segment discussing the current issues for gas pricing in the manufacturing sectors.

22 October 2018 More

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