What will customers be willing to pay under the new electricity network regulatory arrangements?

Rohan Harris observes the differences between regulatory arrangements that have up until recently been applied to electricity network businesses and water businesses. Read more here.

10 April 2018 More

ABC Interviews Jim Snow on Gas Price Trends Review findings

Executive Director, Jim Snow is interviewed by ABC to shed light on the recent Gas Price Trends Review Report 2017.

13 March 2018 More

Australian Institute of Company Directors Event – Overview of Blockchain

Executive Director, Jim Snow attended the AICD Brisbane Lounge on Block Chain technology and Data Security on 8 March 2018.

9 March 2018 More

Gas Price Trends Review 2017

Oakley Greenwood is pleased to announce the public release of the Gas Price Trends Review 2017 which documents Australia’s national and jurisdictional wholesale and retail gas price history from 2006 to 2017.

29 January 2018 More
alex cruickshank

Alex Cruickshank Appointed to head CIGRE Study Committee C5 2018

CIGRE have announced that Alex Cruickshank has been appointed to head up Study Committee C5 from 2018. The study committee examines market and regulation issues in the electricity industries.

6 November 2017 More

Greg Thorpe at Power Week Asia 2017 urges Asia to be “a little bit brave” embracing new technology

Greg contributed to a session on impact of renewable technology on electricity market design.

26 September 2017 More

OGW “Independent report casts doubt over Thwaites”

OGW Report “Review of the Thwaites report and associated research” (Hoch and Harris) was prepared for the Australian Energy Council who claim that it “casts doubt over the analysis attached to the Thwaites Review of Retail Markets in Victoria”

26 September 2017 More

Tasmanian Energy Security Task Force Final Report

It is pleasing to have been able to assist the Taskforce in its work. Oakley Greenwood, was engaged to assist the Taskforce work through the challenges facing the Tasmanian gas market in the context of overall energy security.

21 August 2017 More

Oakley Greenwood at CIGRE Symposium Dublin

This week Executive Director Greg Thorpe and Principal Consultant Alex Cruickshank are attending a CIGRE symposium in Dublin, Ireland attended by electricity experts from all continents.

6 June 2017 More

UQ Energy Express Seminar Presentation on key policy issues

Executive Director and Adjunct Professor Jim Snow will present at the University of Queensland Energy Express Seminar on the evening of Tuesday 23 May on “Regulatory constraints and policy issues in a transition to a low carbon economy”

19 May 2017 More

Energy Market Regulatory Constraints and Policy Issues

Jim Snow, Executive Director and Adjunct Professor UQ Energy Initiative will present at UQEI Express Seminar, 23rd May 2017 at UQ, on the regulatory constraints and policy issues related to the security of the electricity sector as it moves toward lower emissions.

8 May 2017 More

AIE Energy Crisis Seminar Newcastle

Jim Snow will present to the Australian Institute of Energy Seminar in Newcastle on the 4th May 2017 on the energy crisis unfolding in both the gas and electricity markets

27 April 2017 More

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